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Welcome to Megabucks game page!  Here you will find several slot machine games to give you hours of pleasure while also helping you to learn about the game, improve your strategies and just have fun.  Each game listed above has its own set of rules which can be found on its page for your convenience.  Take a look around at the different games, try them all out and see which ones appeal to you the most.  Here is a brief summary of some of the games listed above:

3 Bells Online
This is a simple and traditional slot machine game great for the beginner who wants to learn a little bit more about playing slots.  Each new game starts with 100 credits and each pull of the lever or ‘spin’ will cost you one credit.  There are not a lot of rules and betting options with this game which makes it great for the beginner to learn the basics of slot machine playing.

Zodiac Theme Slot
Now this game can be for the beginner or the more advanced.  Zodiac Theme Slot game offers a lot of different betting options as well as allowing you to choose how many lines you’d like to play for each spin.  You can choose up to seven lines to bet on per spin and can change your bet and amount of lines you are betting on for each new spin.  There is a bonus round if you happen to get the ‘scatters’ on the reels.  With the bonus round you are taken to a new screen where you bet on particular reels.  As long as you keep winning (or if there is a set amount of free spins you get) you keep playing at the bonus game, increasing your winnings.  Once the bonus game is over, you return to the main Zodiac Theme Slot game and resume playing.

6 Reel Slot
Like the Zodiac Theme Slot, this game allows you the option to bet more and play up to nine lines at a time.  This game is bird-themed and centered around cute and funny looking birds on your reel.  One of the great differences in this slot machine game is that you also get ‘plucks’ which allow you to get rid of a bird/symbol by using a pluck.  You can only use the pluck when you did not win anything on a spin and you only have a certain amount of plucks available so be careful how you use them.  Once you have chosen to use a pluck, you will then be able to choose a character on one reel and the computer will replace it with a random character.

There are several different versions of slot machine games to play here so feel free to explore and experiment with all of them until you find the ones that you love the most.  Each one offers their own unique way of playing to give you variety and fun for hours.