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Megabucks Progressive Jackpot

The Megabucks jackpots are reputed to belong to the top tier largesse in the game of slots, a perfect pick for those who have strong affinity to paylines. The standards Megabucks slots machine is a 60-payline and 5-reel slots machine and offers a large progressive jackpot prize. This slots machine is considered as one of those in the elite circle of consistent top paying slots machines on the face of the earth.

Being the slots machines that offer the largest jackpots, Megabucks slots machines are the top favorites of slots players and casino aficionados. In order to be entitled to the big jackpot of the Megabucks slots, a player is required to plunk in $3. The Jackpot starts at $10,000,000 and the jackpot prize reverts back to this amount every time a player lines up the winning combination and hits the jackpot.

In Nevada alone, Megabucks slots are played statewide under a network consisting of some 700 slots machines that are linked to each other in 133 different locations. When a player drops a dollar into a slots machine that belongs to the Megabucks network, about 6 cents are automatically added to the running jackpot, which is prominently and simultaneously displayed at the casino establishments that host the Megabucks slots.

Megabucks Slots vs. Texas Lottery

Megabucks slots combine the fun and excitement of slots playing with the dream of getting a shot at a life-changing windfall. But there is a marked difference between  playing the slots and staking your chances at the lottery. The payback percentage of Megabucks is more than 90 percent while the lottery is a measly 52 percent. And even if you have to pay a dollar or two more to play the slots, you are clearly a big winner in the former in the long run. The range of winning from the Megabucks is from $8,000,000 to more than $39,000,000. This mind-boggling slots jackpot was won in 2003 with Megabucks slots at the Excalibur in Las Vegas.

There are 2 games that offer jackpots that run in millions of dollars lotteries and progressive slots. Between the 2 and at face value, the lottery offers the better chances of winning the jackpot and the lower cost of the former is already an added bonus. The main catch is that you practically win nothing or just a paltry amount of $3 or so with the lottery while the Megabucks slots machines offer some really astounding amounts in their jackpot prizes.

The table below shows how the lottery and slots machines stack up to each other. We will be presenting information and data related to the Texas Lotto and Megabucks slots since both offer a chance at a multimillion dollar prize.


Texas Lotto

Megabucks Slots

Default/Minimum Jackpot ($ million)



Average Value of Winning Jackpot ($ million)



Odds of Hitting the Jackpot in a Single Play

1 to 25,827,165

1 to 49,836,032

Odds of Hitting the Jackpot for a $3-Play

1 to 8,609,055

1 to 49,836,032

Cost per Play ($)



Percentage that Revert Back to Players (%)



Percentage that Revert Back to Players exclusive of the Jackpot Prize (%)



The most significant information is about the chances of winning the lottery on a single play being twice that of our chances in winning the Megabucks. However, this is not the end of the story.

You pay $3 to get a shot at the multi-million dollar Megabucks jackpot while you only have to spend a dollar on the Texas Lotto. Another way to look at it is by saying that you will have 3 chances to play the lotto for the same cost that will get you a single shot at the Megabucks jackpot.

And for the $3 that is played, the odds of winning the Lotto jackpot is six times better than hitting the Megabucks jackpot. By what we have covered so far, the Texas Lotto may seem to be the better pick between the two if your main objective is to actually win the multi-million dollar jackpot. And this is the main reason why more people prefer to play the Lotto than spend time at the casino halls playing the Megabucks slots.

However, if we remove the jackpot from the equation, the percentage amount that is returned to the players is far better than when playing the Texas Lotto. This means that there is a much greater chance at winning the small and medium prizes than when you play the Megabucks slots. Of course, Megabucks has the clear edge over Texas Lotto when it comes to the minimum jackpot prize as it starts at a high $10 million against the $4 million of the Texas Lotto.

Megabucks vs. SuperLotto Plus

How does the Megabucks fare if we compare it with the SuperLotto Plus? The odds of one hitting the multi-million Megabucks jackpot is 1 in nearly 50 million while the odds of winning the top prize of the SuperLotto is one in over 41 million. Off hand, one can say that SuperLotto Plus is the better choice as far as odds of winning are concerned. However, this does not present the entire picture.

The overall payout of the games is determined by the top prize along with all the minor prizes that players can win while playing. The overall payout for the Megabucks is around 85 to 90 percent. The IGT does not provide the exact amount of payout of the Megabucks slots and for our discussion we will be using the 90 percent return.

Now, let us consider this payout percentage with that of the SuperLotto Plus. Its overall return is a low 53.9 percent. The implication of this is that a player theoretically losses 46 cents for every dollar that is wagered.

Thus, if you want to chase your dream of becoming an instant multi-millionaire, then your logical choice would have to be the Megabucks slots instead of the California SuperLotto.